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Saturday October 19, 2013



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Boaz & Ruth and many "Solution Providers" are pleased to invite you to participate in the sixth annual Long Walk to Freedom.  The walk raises awareness and funds for the many programs supporting effective reentry in Richmond.

The walk begins at the Richmond City Jail (1701 Fairfield Way) on Saturday, October 19th and ends at the Richmond Juvenile Center (1600 Oliver Hill Way).  Local and state correctional and law enforcement officials and several formerly incarcerated men and women will frame the theme—release from jail or prison is only the beginning of a person’s walk to freedom. True freedom comes as a person reconnects with himself, with friends and family, and with society. Buildings along the walk will represent the various barriers to and solutions for the ex-offender - housing, jobs, etc. 

Event schedule:
§ 9:00   Registration
9:30 Opening Ceremonies
10:00 Walk Begins
§ 11:00 Closing Ceremonies

Freedom is not a place but a journey best taken in the company of others.



Richmond, Virginia is among the top 100 metropolitan areas identified by the National Corrections Reporting Program as receiving the most returning non-violent prisoners. Over 10,000 adult men and women are released from the Richmond City Jail each year. An even greater number are released from nearby federal, state and other local penal institutions. Many find the social bars of life on the outside far more confining than the iron bars of prison, and many choose to return to the safety of prison.

The cost of recidivism to the community is approximately $30,000 per person a year – plus the loss of a productive citizen’s income. The need for effective solutions to aid men and women in rebuilding their lives has never been more critical.

As front-line solution providers, we understand that release from jail or prison is only the first step toward freedom. True freedom comes as a person reconnects with himself, with friends and family and with society. His or her journey to freedom includes securing food, housing and jobs as well as reconnecting with family and friends. Our desire is to educate the greater Richmond community about the challenges facing ex-offenders – challenges that not only impact the released prisoners, but ultimately have an effect on our community as a whole.

Walk Design:

Long Walk to Freedom is designed to achieve two goals: 1) raise awareness of the challenges facing released prisoners and 2) raise funds for programs that provide solutions to these challenges. The walk, scheduled for Saturday, October 19, 2013 will begin at Richmond City Jail and end at the Richmond Juvenile Center.

Long Walk to Freedom participants will experience the “virtual reality” of re-entry issues from the perspective of released prisoners. They exit the Richmond City Jail and the challenges begin:
• How and where do I eat and sleep?
• How do I get a job and/or training for a job?
• How do I cope with the broken relationships I left behind?
• How do I recover from self-destructive habits?
• How do I become part of a productive, law-abiding community?
• And the question underlying all the others: Who Cares?
Along the way, walkers will encounter the challenges of re-entry and the community resources dedicated to helping individuals needing a second chance. Stations along the walk will represent the various barriers to and solutions for the ex-offender. These stops will address housing, food, identification, self-esteem and emotional competency, addiction recovery, transportation, employment and restoring relationships with family and community.

Target Walkers


Folks interested in restorative justice

Anyone who has known any one who has been incarcerated

Anyone who has been incarcerated

Potential Barriers and Solution Stations

- Housing
- Food
- Identification
- Self Esteem and Emotional Competency
- Addiction Recovery
- Transportation
- Employment
- Restoring family, self esteem, community

Management of Walk:

Boaz & Ruth's Connecting Across Richmond team of formerly incarcerated men and women, Jordan's Quest , Saving Our Youth , OAR, and other non profit "Solution Providers" and leaders from the law enforcement/criminal justice community will take leadership in executing the event. We welcome other organizations' input at all levels of planning and execution.
For more information on volunteering contact longwalktofreedom@boazandruth.com

Please note that no pets, bicycles or skateboards will be permitted.


Online registration ends on Friday, October 18.  After that time, walkers can register at the event beginning at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 19.

Registration donations may be designated to the solution provider of your choice. All donations are tax deductible. Boaz & Ruth, Inc., a 501 c 3 orginazation, is acting as fiscal agent for Long Walk to Freedom. Won't you help us all make a difference!


Registration Donations:

  • Donate by Credit Card or Paypal
  • Print Registration Form and Mail with check to:

    Long Walk to Freedom
    Boaz and Ruth, Inc.
    P. O. Box 6129
    Richmond, VA 23222
  • Phone contributions to:

    Megan or Cynthia
    (804) 329-4900 extensions 203 or 205
  • Use your Corporate Matching Gift Program